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We’ve found that the smallest rooms in the home often require the most attention to detail. By spending a little extra time creating a system for your bathroom, you can keep your countertop clear while easing your daily routines. Here are four simple steps to help you get started.

Organize your essentials by frequency and purpose

Items used daily (or weekly) should always be kept handy. Small Bins are a great way to define a category in a confined space. This way, you can easily access your favorite products and free up some key real estate.

If your cabinet space is limited, use portable storage to keep things neat but easily accessible

If the surfaces in your bathroom are overflowing with products, try using portable storage to free up some space. A Medium Bin or Wire Basket that is stored out of sight will keep your counters clear. Plus, this method only requires pulling out one item, so you will only have one item to put one away when you’re finished.

Use trays to help corral countertop essentials

If you have specific items that you want to keep out, consider using a set of our Nesting Trays to keep them organized. Trays can help anchor your space and create a landing zone for items that may otherwise clutter your surface.

Relocate any overflow to a nearby closet

With the exception of a few toilet paper rolls, you can relocate most surplus items to a nearby closet. Wherever these items end up, keeping them organized in a Large Bin or Wire Basket will help you locate them quickly.

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