Our guide to creating
a restful bedroom

A calm, clear space always leads to a better night’s rest and brighter mornings, so we’ve pulled together a few tips from our experts to help you create a more restful bedroom.

Be selective about what ends up in your dresser

If you're already running low on space, it may be time to pick up a set of Large Bins or Wire Baskets for lower maintenance items (like exercise gear or socks). This approach will free up real estate while keeping all of your everyday essentials within reach.

Use drawer dividers to create some order

We all know dresser drawers can quickly get out of control, and that's ok. Using Drawer Dividers to group items by type and use-case will make it much easier to find what you need when you need it and keep track of what you already have so you avoid buying extra.

Make the most of your vertical space

Unless your shoe collection is very minimal (5 pairs or less), storing them on the closet floor is not the best use of space. Pairs get easily separated, and it's challenging to keep them organized, especially if they're competing for space with other items. Our Entryway Rack is a beautiful way to make the most of the space under your hanging clothes.

Create even more vertical space

The higher you stack your folded clothes on a shelf, the more likely they are to topple over. Try to minimize folded stacks to six items. If you need more space, invest in a set of Shelf Risers to double the surface area of any closet shelf.

Don’t underestimate the power of hangers

When everything is organized by type, length, and color on matching Clothes Hangers you can focus on what you're looking for. This is more of a visual trick, but everything will suddenly feel uniform and be much easier to find.

Be intentional about what you store under your bed

If you can easily fit a set of Underbed Storage Bins under your bed, then it’s a great place to stash shoes or bed sheets that you’re not accessing daily but you still need on a regular basis. But if accessing the space under your bed is more of a production—then consider storing items like off-season clothing or holiday decorations that you only need once or twice a year.

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