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Organize your

As the first thing you see when you enter your home, a well-organized entryway can set you up for better living. The key is having a place for everything.

Clear out the items you don't use daily or weekly

Unless you have space, the entryway shouldn’t be a place to store every pair of shoes you own. Our Entryway Rack can help you be more selective with what you store by the door (if a pair doesn’t fit, it’s time to find another home).

Place a tray near the front door for everyday items

Having a set place for everything builds good habits, creates calm throughout the home, and helps you remember where it all is. Placing a set of Nesting Trays near the front door for your wallet or keys will save you from the frantic search.

Create a landing zone for items that tend to stray

For small accessory items or even mail, a Medium Bin or Wire Basket by the front door can help keep the collection in check. If you tend to put off opening mail, a bin that slowly fills up can also serve as a visual reminder to sort through the growing stack.

Have a system for items in transition

Having a designated Large Bin or Wire Basket for outgoing items like packages you need to mail or books borrowed from a friend can be a gentle reminder to check those tasks off your to-do list.

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