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Today we're going to talk about a new way to think about organization. We'll learn how to use your setup to support what's important to you. It's all about creating seamless pathways to encourage positive habits, and it's easier than it sounds. Here are a few of our favorite tips from organization experts to help you get started.

1. Create space for your exercise equipment.

Take a moment to consider your space and identify the best place to workout at home. Once you've found an area to focus on, adjust what you need to make space in this area for your equipment. By keeping everything you need in an easily accessible place, you're more likely to build and maintain the habit.

2. Group items by activity.

Rather than having a general area for exercise equipment, it's helpful to group items by activity. Then when it comes time for that morning HIIT session, you will only have one set of Storage Bins or Baskets to pull out.

3. Go through each item and ensure that it's something you still use or plan to use.

If your days of running are long gone, maybe it's time to donate that second pair of sneakers. But if the yoga mat still gets regular use, hold onto it. Be honest with yourself. Exercise equipment is expensive, so if you're not getting good use out of it, there are many charitable organizations that would be thrilled to receive anything in working order.

4. Make sure everything is in good condition.

Unless you use this equipment weekly, it can be easy to lose track of items that need repair. If you have space, try to separate the items that need repair into three categories: items you can fix quickly either on your own or through a professional, items that are broken beyond repair and need to be replaced, and items you're ready to donate.

5. Keep the exercise equipment visible.

When it comes to working out, people often run into the problem of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Using an open container, like a set of Large Baskets, will serve as a reminder to keep up your exercise routine.

6. Remove any barriers and add convenience.

Think through the steps involved in getting ready to exercise and identify ways to minimize those steps. Are your exercise clothes spread out? Tuck them into one drawer, so you have everything you need in one place. Do you often talk yourself out of your morning run? Keep a clean set of running clothes in a Storage Bin or Basket near your bed and your running shoes on an Entryway Rack beside your front door.

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