Organizing the
Kitchen Cabinets

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10 Minutes
An Open Mind
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A Place for Everything

A kitchen with clear counters and well-organized cabinets will serve you well. Not only does it look sharp, but it will quickly open up more space for you to enjoy. Here are five steps to help you get started.

Consider the space

Before you begin, always consider the space and the contents. Could you move your dishes closer to the dishwasher or drying rack to make it a little easier to put things away? How about grouping your french press, coffee beans, and favorite mug in a basket to make your mornings a little smoother?

Categorize the contents

When it comes to the contents of kitchen cabinets, there are several categories to keep in check: dishware, glassware, pots and pans, appliances, etc. Identifying the key categories in your kitchen will make it easier to create a system for where each should live.

Group categories together

More often than not, items in a specific category have a similar shape, which should optimize the available space. For example, the stackable Pots & Pans Set from our sister brand, Equal Parts, is a great way to keep everything you need neatly in place.

Find small ways to create space in your cabinets and elsewhere

Add a shelf riser or two to keep all of your glassware in one place. This method will immediately double the surface area in your cabinets and free up prime real estate elsewhere.

Always consider frequency

If you’re tight on space, organizing items based on how frequently you use them is crucial. For example, if you're only using your serving platter once or twice a year, it's probably safe to stash it above the cabinet or in a nearby closet.

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