Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

What you need:

10 Minutes
An Open Mind
Just You

Starting Small

We’ve found that the smallest rooms in the home often require the most attention to detail. By spending a little extra time creating a system for your medicine cabinet, you can keep your countertop clear while easing your daily routines.
Here are five simple steps to guide you through the process.

Step One

Start with a clean slate

Begin by removing everything and wiping down the shelves. This will be useful motivator to maintain your soon-to-be organized space.

Step Two

Categorize by use

You can group your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Your face wash and moisturizer. Even your cold and flu remedies. All of these items fit beautifully in our Nesting Trays but stick to the system that works for you.

Step Three

Think about frequency

If you have limited space, consider relocating items that aren’t used regularly to a nearby closet or Medium Bin. Items like your toothbrush, which is accessed twice a day, should occupy prime real estate.

Step Four

Group items by time of day

Placing your AM and PM items together will ease your routines. Plus, keeping items in close proximity to one another can help with habit building. For example, if you'd like to floss more, try storing your floss right beside your toothpaste as a reminder.

Step Five

Create your own system

A medicine cabinet is small but it holds a lot of different categories of things. Use Small Bins or Nesting Trays to keep these categories separate so you always know where to find an item when you need it and where to place it when you're finished.
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