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We’ve found that a well-organized nightstand makes for easier evenings, a more restful sleep, and brighter mornings. Here are five simple steps to help you get started.

Consider the space

The nightstand can quickly become a collection of miscellaneous items as you're less likely to put things away right before you go to bed or after you wake up. So before we dive in, take a few minutes to consider everything in the space and restore any items you don't need to their proper home.

Focus on the essentials

Now take a step back and think about what you're always getting out of bed to grab. A glass of water? Hand lotion? Eye mask? A book? Let's make sure you have all of your essentials on hand to avoid interruptions in your routines.

Organize by frequency of use

Next, we're going to think about how frequently you use these items and organize them from top to bottom. Everything you use daily should be on top of your nightstand or in the top drawer. Any items you don't use regularly can be relocated to a lower drawer or even a bin or basket nearby.

Set up reminders for positive habits

The nightstand is an excellent opportunity to encourage positive habits. For example, you might keep a gratitude journal and a pen on top to keep your practice top of mind. The key is to find a balance: if you'd like to read more, a towering stack of books might do more harm than good. But one book you're excited about can be a gentle nudge to dive back in.

Create a “knock-free” zone

We’ve all done it: you go to reach for a book and end up knocking over that glass of water you just filled up. A tray can help create a safe zone for items like this. Plus, it's a great way to give all the little items that tend to spread out a fitting home.

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