Keep what reflects you.

What you need:

5 Minutes
Headphones or Speaker
A Pen & Paper

On Keeping and Letting Go

Okay, here’s the part where we talk about getting rid of things. Whether we like it or not, it’s a part of organization. We like to think about keeping items that reflect you and getting rid of what doesn’t.
Just as a mirror seems to create space, items that reflect you have the effect of creating space in your life for what you enjoy. Because often, we collect things based on versions of ourselves that aren’t true at this point in time. That’s okay, but sometimes we need help realizing what’s going on.
The exercise below is meant to help you figure out what you should keep or let go of, with practical questions like: “Have I used this in the past month?” or “Would I buy this again?” At the same time, we’ll guide you through the emotional process of letting go.
Remember to give yourself the space to process. There’s no rush here.

5 min exercise

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