The Light Collection

From boosting our mood to promoting healthy sleep, sunlight is essential to life. Our newest collection is designed to help you bring natural light into your space.
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Rise with Dawn

Light Pink & Cream

These colors are inspired by the sky that announces the presence of the coming sun. They bring a modern brightness into the kitchen, bathroom, or your favorite place to read.

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Nesting Trays in Light Pink - $42Shop Now

Getting up to see the sunrise can help you shift your circadian rhythm, so you'll have more energy early and you'll sleep easier at night.

Entryway Rack in Light Pink - $138Shop Now

Entryway Rack

Highly considered and artfully designed, the Entryway Rack in Light Pink is a statement piece. An elegant form that adds personality and sophistication without overpowering.

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Enjoy the Afternoon

Light Blue & Dark Green

Inspired by nature — the creamy blue of a bright sky and the deep green of foliage. They're perfect for areas like your workspace or the living room.

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Entryway Rack in Light Blue - $138Shop Now

The afternoon is a perfect time to move. Even if it's just a walk, this is when our bodies are most primed for exercise.

Large Baskets in Light Blue - $82Shop Now

Wire Baskets

A set of steel baskets with a thicker gauge and thoughtful welds for a distinct appearance. Designed as a catch-all, the Large Baskets in Light Blue lend a laid back feeling to every room.

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Wind Down with Dusk


This blue has depth and gravity that's accented by the matte finish. Bring this color into the spaces where you're beginning to relax into the night.

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Entryway Rack in Navy - $138Shop Now

Witnessing the shift in the night sky can help us begin to wind down for sleep. If you can, step outside for a moment to take it in.

Small Bins in Navy - $38Shop Now

Anywhere Bins

Bedside table, pantry, bathroom — our Small Bins in Navy fit beautifully into any room. A warm and cozy home for all the little items that tend to spread and get lost.

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