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Medium Bins with Lids - Set of 4

Tidy up any room with multi-purpose storage for the shelf, stacking, the pantry, and more.

  • 4 Medium Bins
  • 4 Wooden Lids
  • Made from light blue hard plastic
  • 11.6"L, 9.1"W, 6.85"H (7.2"H with Lids)

Large Bins with Lids - Set of 2

Neaten and add a touch of softness to any room with beautiful, accessible storage.

  • 2 Large Bins
  • 2 Wooden Lids
  • Exterior made from light grey compressed felt
  • 19.5"L, 12.5"W, 9.7"H (10.1”H with Lids)

Underbed Storage Bins - Set of 2

Declutter your space with a spacious, easy-to-clean option for seasonal stow away.

  • 2 Underbed Storage Bins
  • Made from light grey compressed felt
  • Handles made from genuine leather
  • 26.26”L x 26.26”W x 6.75”

Large Baskets - Set of 2

Refresh every room with easy-access storage for items like blankets, toys, or laundry.

  • 2 Large Baskets
  • Made from dark green steel
  • Base made from hard plastic
  • 18"L, 12.9"W, 7"H

Clothes Hangers - Set of 20

Designed to save space and keep clothing crease-free, with removable felt covers for more support.

  • 20 Clothes Hangers
  • 10 Removable Felt Covers
  • Made from light blue steel
  • Removable covers made from light grey compressed felt
  • 16.72" L, 8.43" W

Drawer Dividers - Set of 2

Adjustable drawer dividers that help everything stay in place.

  • 2 Drawer Dividers
  • Made from solid white-washed ash wood
  • Silicon stoppers on each end
  • 11-17”L, 0.8”W, 3.5”H