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The Best Closet Organizer Ideas You Need

January 04, 2024

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Suze Dowling

The Best Closet Organizer Ideas You Need

Living with a messy and unorganized closet can be a daily struggle, causing unnecessary stress and frustration. Are you confronted with a chaotic jumble of clothes, shoes, and accessories every time you open your closet door? Does searching for that one item become daunting, wasting precious time and leaving you feeling overwhelmed

This kind of cluttered space can affect your physical environment and mental state, making it difficult to start the day with a clear mind. However, with a little effort and the right organizational strategies, you can transform your chaotic closet into a clean space.

At Open Spaces, our mission is to help you organize and simplify your home, allowing you to be more mindful of your everyday habits and routines. We believe that home goods should be functional, bring joy, and create the feeling of a well-considered home.

What Are Closet Organizer Ideas You Need to Maximize Space?

Before jumping into organization, assessing your closet space and what you need to store is essential. Take some time to evaluate the size and layout of your closet against what’s inside of it. 

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a smaller-sized one, understanding the available space will help you make better organizational choices. Taking a brief inventory of your clothing helps, too:

  • Are more of your items better folded or hanging?
  • Do you have a lot of handbags and accessories like scarves, necklaces, and other jewelry?
  • Are there items like dresses and coats that require a tall hanging space?
  • How many pairs of shoes do you have?
  • Do you own a lot of foldable items like sweaters?

Carefully considering these questions helps you determine the type of storage that’s best for you. For instance, if your career doesn’t require dress attire, then maybe you don’t have a need for a lot of tall hanging space for suits and dresses. In that case, you might consider hanging two closet rods — a top and bottom one — thereby doubling your hanging space.

For those dealing with a small closet, fear not! There are plenty of clever solutions to maximize storage even in tight spaces. By optimizing every inch, you can transform a small closet into a highly efficient storage area. Consider utilizing vertical space by incorporating shelving units or hanging organizers that make the most of your closet's height. 

You may also want to opt for space-saving hangers, such as slim velvet or cascading, to maximize your hanging space.

It's also essential to declutter and assess the items you have in your closet. Take the opportunity to evaluate each piece of clothing, footwear, or accessory. Ask yourself if you genuinely need it or if it brings you joy. 

How to Organize a Closet

Now that you have assessed your space and decluttered, it's time to explore various storage solutions to help you maintain an organized closet. Many storage options are available, including storage boxes, acrylic containers, and wire shelving.

Utilizing Storage Solutions

Storage boxes are versatile and customizable, allowing you to store items neatly and keep them protected. Our Large Plastic Storage Bins are the perfect choice for clothing, accessories, and seasonal items. They are designed with durability and visibility in mind, ensuring that your belongings are organized and showcase their beauty.

Acrylic containers are another fantastic option for displaying and organizing smaller items. They provide visibility, allowing you to easily locate jewelry, scarves, or other accessories. These transparent containers also create a visually appealing display, contributing to the overall aesthetic of your closet.

Wire shelving offers flexibility and better visibility, making locating items on the shelves easier. You can use them to store folded clothes, shoes, or baskets containing smaller items. They provide excellent airflow, ensuring that your belongings stay fresh and well-ventilated.

In addition to storage boxes and shelving solutions, consider utilizing shelf dividers, cubbies, and drawer organizers. Shelf dividers keep folded items neatly separated, preventing them from toppling over. Cubbies are perfect for organizing purses, clutches, or folded sweaters, while drawer organizers offer a designated space for accessories like belts, socks, or jewelry.

Incorporating these storage solutions into your closet allows you to create a well-organized and visually pleasing space that makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.

Implementing Closet Systems

To take your closet organization to the next level, consider implementing a closet system or built-in organization system. These systems offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and maximize the functionality of your closet space.

A closet system provides a comprehensive approach to organizing your belongings. It typically includes a combination of hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and accessory organizers. With a closet system, you can create designated spaces for different types of clothing, making it easier to keep everything in its place.

Built-in organization systems take advantage of the existing structure of your closet. They can be designed to fit seamlessly into your closet storage, maximizing every square inch of the space. By utilizing the vertical space, you can incorporate hanging rods at different heights to accommodate different lengths of clothing. 

Add closet shelves and compartments to store accessories and clothes efficiently. A built-in organization system ensures a visually appealing and highly functional closet.

Optimizing Hanging & Shelf Space

Effective organization of your hanging and shelf space can significantly impact the functionality of your closet. Consider the following hacks to optimize these areas:

  • Categorize Your Clothing: Organize your clothes by category, such as grouping together blouses, pants, dresses, or jackets. This makes finding what you're looking for easier and maintains an organized aesthetic.
  • Utilize Cascading Hangers: Cascading hangers let you hang multiple garments vertically, maximizing your hanging space. This is especially useful for lightweight items like scarves or tank tops.
  • Utilize Top Shelves: The top shelves of a closet are often overlooked. Take advantage of this space by storing seasonal items or items you don't need frequent access to. Utilize storage boxes or baskets to keep these belongings neatly organized.
  • Incorporate Shelf Dividers: Shelf dividers are an excellent addition to ensure folded items, like sweaters or jeans, stay organized and prevent them from toppling over.

Making the Most of Every Inch

Utilizing every inch of space is key. Consider the following organization tips to maximize storage:

  • Utilize Wall Space: Install hooks or hanging organizers on the walls of your closet to store items like handbags, belts, or scarves. This effectively utilizes otherwise unused space.
  • Utilize Floor Space: Optimize floor space by incorporating shoe racks or shoe organizers for your footwear collection. Cubbies, baskets, or storage bins can also be used to store shoes, folded clothes, or accessories.
  • Utilize Vertical Space: Make use of vertical space by adding additional shelving units or hanging organizers. This will save space by letting you store items like shoe boxes or folded clothes efficiently.
  • Utilize Storage Bags: Storage bags are an excellent solution for seasonal items or bedding. They compress bulky items, maximizing storage space, and protecting them from dust.

By implementing these strategies, you can make the most of your closet, ensuring every inch is utilized efficiently and allowing for a well-organized, clutter-free space.

Creating an Organized & Aesthetically Pleasing Closet

An organized closet makes finding items easier and contributes to an aesthetic environment. Follow these tips to create a visually appealing closet design:

  • Color Coordination: Arrange your clothes by color to create a visually pleasing and calming effect. Start with lighter hues and gradually transition to darker shades.
  • Strategic Placement: Place frequently worn items within easy reach for convenience. Reserve prime space for your favorite pieces to showcase them.
  • Choose Your Ideal Hangers: Opt for uniform hangers that enhance the overall appearance and help maintain the shape of your clothes. Non-slip or velvet hangers work well to prevent garments from slipping off.
  • Maintain Organization: Regularly declutter and reassess your belongings to ensure your closet remains tidy and organized. Don't let items pile up, and return them to their designated spots after use.
  • Utilize Open Storage: Open Spaces products are designed to look great and be seen. Utilize our Large Plastic Storage Containers to showcase your favorite accessories or neatly folded clothes. Let your belongings become a part of the overall look.

The Takeaway

Transforming your bedroom closet into an organized and visually appealing space is within reach with Open Spaces homeware and organizational tools. By assessing your closet space, utilizing storage solutions, implementing closet systems, and making efficient use of hanging and shelf space, you can create an organized and efficient closet.

Take the first step toward simplified home organization by incorporating the storage ideas shared in this article. With Open Spaces products, including Large Plastic Storage Containers, you can be confident in the quality and style of your organization solutions. Start your journey to an organized closet today and experience the joy and ease it brings to your daily routines.

Remember, the best closet organization ideas incorporate functionality and present a well-considered home. Open Spaces believes that time is precious and our belongings shouldn't hinder us from living a happy life. 

Shop our full collection to give your home a makeover and create a well-thought-out living space.


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