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12 Tips On How To Organize Art Supplies

May 24, 2024

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Suze Dowling

12 Tips On How To Organize Art Supplies

Welcome to the creative chaos where the magic happens and art is born! At Open Spaces, we understand that the line between ‘organized’ and ‘where did I put my cerulean blue?’ can be thin. That’s why we’re here to help you clear the clutter, not just to make room for your supplies but to set the stage for your next masterpiece.

So, if you’re ready to make your creative space a beacon of inspiration and productivity — keep reading.

Why Should You Organize Your Art Supplies?

Before we dig deep into the how, let's unpack the why — organizing your art supplies sets the stage for creativity to flourish. Here are some compelling reasons that might just inspire you to revamp your creative workspace:

  • Unleash Creativity: Think of a clutter-free space as a blank canvas for your imagination. Without the visual noise of disarray, your mind is free to explore new artistic possibilities.
  • Save Time: Ever lost your muse searching for that elusive graphite pencil? When each item has a designated spot, you'll spend less time searching and more time creating.
  • Protect Your Investments: Your art supplies are your tools of the trade. Organizing them properly helps protect these tools from damage, ensuring they're always ready when inspiration strikes.
  • Boost Your Artistic Serenity: There's a calming magic to an orderly workspace. This serenity can help you maintain focus and immerse yourself fully in your craft.
  • Encourage Consistency: A well-organized art station invites you to return again and again. It makes art a part of your daily routine, helping you hone your skills and develop your unique artistic voice.

Needless to say, a tidy art space is a productive art space. With a well-ordered setup, creativity knows no bounds.

What Are Tips on How To Organize Art Supplies?

Now that you understand the “why,” let’s tackle the “how.” A little organization can go a long way in crafting the perfect environment for creativity. Here are some smart tips to get your art supplies in order:

1. Start With A Clean Slate

Begin your organizing journey by emptying your art studio or workspace. An artist’s vision is best captured on a blank canvas, and our first tip serves a similar purpose. This way, you can take stock of what you have, what's still useful, and what should be released back into the wild. 

2. Categorize Your Supplies

Resist the urge to shove all your pastels, pencils, and brushes back into the nearest drawer! Create categories for all your art supplies. For example, one category could be "drawing tools," which might include pencils, charcoal, and markers. Another could be "painting tools," including your assortments of brushes and palettes.

By dividing and conquering, you make sure that each piece of equipment is easy to find. Our Large Storage Bins are excellent for this purpose. They can house multiple categories, enabling you to have everything sorted and in one place.

3. Set Up an Inspiration Station

Why keep all those sparking ideas locked in your head? Pin them down! Create a vibrant inspiration board in your workspace where you can display everything from a funky fabric swatch to your favorite Van Gogh postcard. Think of it as having a visual playlist that keeps your creative vibes flowing.

4. Use Vertical Space

Don't let the potential of high places go to waste. Vertical storage saves valuable floor space while elevating your supplies to a place of visibility. How about mounting your canvases or finished art on wall shelves? Or better yet, utilize our wood and steel Shelf Risers to store your paints and jars of brushes. They will feel right at home in your art studio, using the real estate you had all along!

5. Streamline with Digital Tools

In a world where tech and tactile collide beautifully, why not digitalize part of your creative inventory? Use apps to track your supplies, from paint tubes to paper sizes. This way, before you even step into your studio, you know what's running low or what's plentiful. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s always on top of your stock!

6. Keep Your A-listers Center Stage

Let's face it. We all are guilty of favoritism when it comes to our art supplies. That one perfectly worn-in brush or the set of pastels that blend just right always makes it into our hands. So why hide them away in a drawer? Keep them in the spotlight and within easy reach. Opt for chic, accessible trays for these beloved items or even our Small Storage Bins, which can be stylishly placed right on your desk. 

7. Rotate Supplies Seasonally

Out with the old, in with the new — or at least, the seasonally appropriate. Tuck away those bright summer colors for a while when winter comes, and bring forward the icy blues and crisp whites. This keeps your workspace uncluttered and refreshes your palette.

8. Label Everything

Labels are your friends. They turn the guessing game into a foolproof system. Whether you’re using fancy printed labels or a simple masking tape and marker setup, clearly marking your supplies ensures that everything finds its way back to its home after a busy day of creating. Plus, it gives your space a professional touch, making you feel like the accomplished artist you are.

9. Create a Mobile Art Cart

Sometimes, inspiration strikes away from your usual workspace. A mobile art cart stocked with your essentials can be wheeled to any corner of your home. It’s perfect for those days when you want to paint by the window or sketch in the living room. Having a portable setup keeps your creativity flowing no matter where you are.

10. Create a Scrap Bin

We all have those leftover scraps from projects past. Instead of tossing them — or leaving them to pile up on your desk — designate a bin for reusable scraps. This could include paper, fabric, or small bits of material that might come in handy for future projects. It's a sustainable way to manage waste and keep potential treasures within reach.

11. Designate a Drying Area

Paintings, prints, or any wet works of art need their space to dry undisturbed. Set up a designated drying area using a rack or shelf. This way, you can ensure your work is safe from accidental smudges or spills. Consider our Stainless Steel Entryway Rack for this purpose. It’s sturdy, sleek, and can double as a drying station, making it a clever addition to your creative corner.

12. Maintain a Clean Workspace

And last but not least, take a few minutes to tidy up your workspace after each art session. Wipe down surfaces, put away supplies, and make sure everything is in its designated spot. This simple habit keeps your space organized and gets it ready for your next burst of creativity. A clean workspace is an inviting one, always ready to welcome your next big idea.


In the end, a well-organized art space involves creating an environment that inspires and facilitates your creativity. By incorporating these tips, you'll find that your workspace becomes a haven for artistic exploration and productivity. Whether it’s the simple act of categorizing your supplies or setting up a mobile art cart, each step helps to streamline your process and keep your creative energy flowing.

Ready to transform your creative space? Start organizing today with Open Spaces and see how our thoughtfully designed solutions can elevate your artistic journey. Your next masterpiece is just an organized space away!

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