Pour Over Carafe + Millennium Coffee Mugs

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Fill your cup in an intentional way every day. The Millennium Coffee Mugs are hand blown by heating the borosilicate glass to high temperatures while using a blowpipe to shape the unique shape. The insulated design is heat resistant, making these glasses a go to for enjoying everything from hot coffee to cold iced tea. The Pour Over Carafe is an artful, functional tool for everyday use. Brew clean, perfectly balanced pour over coffee for one, or to share. 

Millenium Coffee Mugs
- 1 set of 2 glasses
- Insulated borosilicate glass
- Thermal shock -20°C to +150°C
- 2.95 in H x 2.76 in D. Handle 1.5 in D.
- Capacity: 250 ml = 8.5 ounces

1 Pour Over Carafe
- Insulated borosilicate glass
- Dimensions: 5" D x 10" H
- Each carafe comes with a lid that helps keep coffee fresh for later (perfect for storing in the
fridge for cold brew!) Makes 1-6 cups of coffee at a time
- Not a coffee person but love the look? Our carafe is also the perfect vessel for brewing and
storing tea, sangria, lemonade or even flavored water
Use & Care
Millenium Coffee Mugs
- Machine or hand wash. Safe for the freezer, microwave, and oven.

Pour Over Carafe
- The Pour Over Carafe is compatible with conical filter including Chemex, Hario (V02) paper
filters, as well as metal paperless. We recommend purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding
fresh before each brew. For optimal results, use the Medium grind setting on your burr grinder.
- Hand wash with warm water and mild soap.
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Pour Over Carafe + Millennium Coffee Mugs

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Crafted with Borosilicate Glass

Our glassware products are made using high-quality borosilicate glass for superior durability. The material more resistant to thermal shock and does not compromise on providing a delicate appearance.